12 October 2006

Shoot the runner fuck this town ... Kasabian in San Diego

Kasabian in San Diego, well I suppose I need to write about this. Since I picked up their debut album after hearing 'ID' I was hooked. To my mind they are the best of the new Britpop crop (with the arctic monkeys coming a respectable second) and their new album 'Empire' while not as instantly infectious as their debut is a real grower in the truest sense of the word. Cuts like 'Shoot the runner', 'empire', 'doberman' and 'seek and destroy' are all brilliant in the same way 'club foot', 'processed beats' and 'reason is treason' were. Now that you're familiar with the back story I am sure you could all go for a bit of narative thrust here.

I have only seen Kasabian once in concert and that was at the KoolHaus back in Toronto, after they sold out their show at the Pheonix so fast it had to be bumped up to another venue to meet the demand. They were brilliant live putting down a blistering and energetic set. The crowd was well into it in Toronto and sang along with every song including an amazing response during 'Processed Beats'. Now let me say for the record I have no faith in San Diego music fans, since my time here they have been proven to be absolutely useless. This town is completely devoid of any sort of real musical movement or scene. I didn't expect much after what I had seen at Esthero, Arctic Monkeys or Massive Attack. So I wasn't at all surprised when I showed up to the house of blues (see George Carlins comments about this chain for an acurate articulation of what should happen to these places) to find that not only was the venue roughly the size of a postage stamp but it was also at best half full. That even got worse after the musical abomination that was the opening act Blue October left stage and took a sizeable chunk of the crowd with them. Not the worst thing in the world as it seemed to be mostly teenaged girls who left.

So I and my date put back a few drinks up on the balcony and just generally tried to to get trampled upon. The crowd was really surprising as I was the lone noticable eurotrash there. Not one mod, not a single britpoper or eurotrash to be spied in the whole crowd. Quite a bit of khakis and golf shirts though. After a short break the band took stage and I headed towards the front of the stage.

They opened with the explosive 'Shoot the Runner' which although not quite as good as 'ID' was a great way to get the show moving. The band was in rare form ripping through new and older material. I really can't complain although I think Tom had a bit too much fun saying San Diego. I would have liked to hear 'Butcher Blues' 'ID' and 'U Boat' but thats just me. The band was once again amazing but the crowd sucked. Then again I can't say why I would ever expect more from a show out here. San Diego continues to prove to be a cultural wasteland


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