05 October 2006

I am Canadian

In the nearly 6 months I have been in California I can safely say I have done what I swore I never would, I have become more Canadian, well except for how I pronounce house and about. I suppose I have realised how much I miss Canada and specifically Toronto. I guess it was bound to happen I came here looking for a future and realised that it was back in Toronto, I suppose the grass is always greener.

It’s funny the things I have noticed about myself since moving here, I continually rip Americans about their pronunciation of the letter z (it’s pronounced zed), or why the Queens English was good enough for the founding fathers but not them (sad to say American English doesn’t exist, it doesn’t even qualify as a dialect). I have also bought and worn a Maple Leafs jersey in public which is something I never did while living in Canada, not one day in my life. I have also discovered that listening to the Tragically Hip is essentially the same as eating comfort food. Mike and Jenn concur with this one, having both never been Hip fans while in Canada but they are now. For example last night I absolutely could not miss the first Leafs game of the season and I had to listen to ‘Fifty-Mission Cap’ before the game.

We do all of these things to stand out, to prove if only to ourselves that we are not like the rest of you, we’re just here on vacation and I’d rather be a tourist than a resident. I intentionally make sure I don’t look like anyone else around here, I don’t dress like them, I refuse to act like them or bend to their mentality for life. Even if it means I feel like a walking Molson Commercial for my attitude I will not bend. Granted I’m not about to get a Maple Leaf tattooed on my arm or start actually trying to figure out why people watch the trailer park boys, but it’s comforting. I listen to Canadian radio, I watch Canadian tv online whenever possible and I read Canadian newspapers. Essentially I am in San Diego in location only.

Granted there are things I love about not being in Canada. The weather goes without saying and the lack of shoveling snow will be a big plus in a couple of weeks. Not having to endure a conservative government and that idiot Harper and his prairie dog cabinet is a plus, as well as not having to put up with that insufferable, white boy posturing as a journalist, fake George Strombo-lo-botomy.


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