12 September 2006

Sad to be Canadian .... again

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One can only suppose this picture is less embarrassing for Peter McKay than his most memorable publicity stunt which included a one day flight out to PEI or Newfoundland or where ever the hell he’s from to dig potatoes on his family farm and cry to the media about being dumped. How can anyone take this man seriously when he is most famous for getting dumped by Belinda Stronach and not for his work in parliament? Personally, and I say this as a man, Peter McKay is a pussy and an embarrassment. God forbid he ever becomes prime minister then we would constantly have to worry about this sniveling dimwitted pussy running the office. Yes I said it and yes he is. If waging a war for sympathy in the media includes putting on a pair of Wellington boots and some old overalls and leaning over the fence to tell the CBC how broken up he is about getting dumped then I think pussy fits the tag line. God forbid we forget his first act of political genius which was folding the Conservative party into the Alliance after signing a document swearing he would not do this, so we know where his values are.

If it is of any consolation to me it is that I know when I return to Canada the Conservative Party will no longer be in power. I think the ‘winds of change’ that blew Harper and his motley crew of anti-intellectuals and bored prairie housewives into power have already switched on him. Watching his trip to Washington on CSPAN a few months ago I was forced to try and keep my lunch down as I watched him cow tow to Bush and basically see how far up Dubya’s ass he could get his tongue while keeping his pants on. I will give it one thing though, I didn’t know that Bush was such a skillful ventriloquist; I actually believe I saw him taking sips of water when Harper spoke. Hats off to him for that one.


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