03 August 2006

Strange Search Results

So I have found that you can get to my blog via some truly bizarre search routes on Google. I also found them so funny I thought I would share a few of them.

The New York Dolls
Hate Jose Mourinho
Who the hell can afford Ralph Lauren (this ones my personal favourite)
Geopolitics in Switzerland (I don't even remotely understand this one)
Michael Rooney Torrey Pines
Cristiano Ronaldo faux hawk
Reason for Zidanes red card
pictures for toti the italian football player(this leads me to believe people don't know how to search at all)
Pictures of Toronto Portugese Soccer fans on the streets 2006(yep thats how to turn a run on sentence into search criteria)
Come on you boys in green song

The odd thing is that there is no chance you would ever find me if you looked for me here. I mean you could sift through google pages for days after sreaching for Daniel Gallagher and never find me. In some ways I really like that because it gives me the freedom to write with impunity. Though my family reads this space they don't do it often so I am fairly free to write what I want. Although it would be sort of interesting for someone I knew years ago on say the red board at nin.com to be able to find me if they were so inclined, but alas those were the old days.

Currently I have been listening to a lot of Bowie. This song is really well secured in my head at the moment.


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