10 August 2006

Bloody Canadians

OK I was listening to the CBC and reminded of why I'm not in Canada anymore. I am sick and tired of the American bashing, constant self righteous, 'we're better than you', worlds peace keepers, everything is part of the American Propaganda machine rhetoric that I dont have any time for. I am fucking sick and tired of the geopolitical arm chair politicing that goes on in canada, the looney left seems to be looking to criticise everyone but themselves for everything first. The NDP and the radical left back home annoy the shit out of me and it bothers me even more that they have standing in my party.

Matthew and I were having this conversation this week. Canadians are ignorant as a whole. We are not some great peace keeping nation that we like to pride ourselves on being and finally this reality is dropping. I think most Canadians are desperately in denial about our place in the world. we are not the world's protectorate, we are not a bastian of free rights (for this to happen we'd actually have to do something, which we don't seem inclined to do at all), we are not a super power. What we are increasingly becoming is a low rent France without the history. We bitch and snipe about the rest of the world yet forget the problems we have ourselves.

Look I'm a Liberal and will be until I die but this has to stop. I was opposed to the war but it's happened and we have to move forward we have to help the Iraqi's get ahead and if anyone thinks that pulling up stakes is going to help well then they're simply wrong, you stay until the job is finished. Show me one person who didn't think Saddam needed to be gotten rid of, just one. What we argue about is the terms of how it was done. Either way its done, and we cannot keep talking about it. Why are we so intent to dwell on the past, how many times have you heard Canadians discuss or joke about how 'we' burned the white house in 1812? first reminder it was the Brits not 'us' at all and the war was a draw with no decisive victory on either side.

Canada is a great country with honest good people and a real future, I just wish we could as a nation get over our penis envy with America and move forward it does us no good.


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