16 August 2006

Back on the ranch

Well I have been less than diligent about writing in my blog. Times have become exceedingly busy at work and it has become all consuming of most of my free time and energy.

We are currently in the process of moving to a remote office situation using a collocation site to house all of our servers. So we decided to add a series of wrinkles to the whole plan by deciding that we should migrate to a new domain, phone system and crm. So it hasn’t been easy.

The new phone system we are getting from my old company back in Canada, the entire thing is web enabled which is quite nice and should make life much easier than having to move to a Packet8 solution or the like. The really glorious thing about this is that it frees myself and the other coworkers up to be much more mobile about where we work. My current boss loves the idea also having a massive cost savings attached to it isn’t half bad either.

Microsoft CRM has also been really usefull, so has having a bestmate who happens to be a developer on the product. So installed and squared away mercifully. Unfortunately I did realize a snag I had not anticipated which was that I had installed Microsoft SBS on the machine. However, as the machine is not set to be my primary domain controller it shuts down every 4 hours or so as per Microsofts eula. Lovely, this should be remedied within the week.

So off the geeky matters and on to real life. The waves have been miserable the last week or so as we are enjoying some interesting ‘fall like’ weather. This is clearly a euphemism as in San Diego we don’t really have weather. The sway of temperature from winter to summer is roughly 15 degrees so not much can be made of any real changes.

The sort of flux at work has freed me up to write a lot more now when I have free time. This has resulted in an artistic output on pace with when I was writing in High School, my only wish is that it was at the same caliber, but alas it is not to be.

I have also been toying around with the idea of moving to New York City in a year. Right now it is nothing more than a passing fancy. However, I would love to live in NYC and get through that experience as well while I am young. I haven’t discussed this with my boss or anyone, although I do not imagine it being too much bother as we will have all been working remotely for quite some time by then.

In other news I am missing the cottage with the Lavers and the rest of the gang for the first time in years. I will miss the cottage greatly as it is a fantastic source of relaxation and time to connect with your friends. Not having road access seems to slow down the pace of life greatly almost to the point where it hardly passes at all. Next year though I swear that I will be in attendance. Have a blast without me boys and do my share of drinking.


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