24 August 2006

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much

You know it’s strange the way the internet works, you make one post about a small satirical experience at a nude beach and suddenly you get hundreds of visitors. Somewhere during the course of all of this I became a topic of conversation at Full Disklosure. Not entirely sure how that happened but it has seemed to draw a lot of light on this post. I made this post purely out of a frustration I had been feeling with Canada for quite some time, long before my move here. How anyone ever stumbled upon this tiny post at some far corner of the internet is beyond me but it is funny the sort of furor it seemed to ignite with a good number of the blog happy arm chair politicians amongst us.

Now I don’t mind the torrent of insults which were rained down upon me, I have been called much worse by far better people. Although I do love the conclusions people have jumped to based on one entry I made a few weeks ago and it is further proof of the sort of thing I was talking about. Without any further reading an assumption was made about me and my politics, which is fine but also comical. Now normally I would address these insults and slights personally but instead I will forgive these little people for what they said. I don’t blame them for having strong opinions in fact I encourage it, unfortunately theirs is sadly misdirected.

As for my politics I thought that it would be useful to explain a few things and further broaden my point about this. I have been accused of many things, and a few of them have been correct but others mostly amusing in how far they are off the mark. Some of the reviewers basically stated that I was a traitor to my own cause being Canadian and all. This concept in and of itself is funny, mostly because Canadians are always preaching their tolerance and understanding of diversity, I suppose not so much when the political view doesn’t match their own. So let’s get the basic facts out of the way so we can move forward.

1) I’m a card carrying member of the Liberal Party. I am a party man and always will be. I find the diverse range of thoughts and ideas that come together under the Liberal banner. Granted this does not mean I will toe the party line at all costs. I believe in the value of my own opinions and quite often find myself sitting on the outside of my own parties’ ideas or policy initiatives.

2) I did not support the war in Iraq. I do not support globalised military action or the military industrial complex. However, I also believe that we can not pull out now. We as a planet now owe the people of Iraq some sort of future as we have shaken up their past and present. Does this mean I think the troops should remain, yes? I believe it is criminally near sighted to suggest that now because we have lost our appetite for this war that we should pull out and leave the people of Iraq in the lurch in what was essentially a power vacuum. As the English how this worked out the first time they attempted to install their leader in Iraq. I feel that there is still a cost the first world has to pay for this war and we have yet to pay it. As for those who tell me about the cost in lives of all of this, that is true there is a real human toll in all of this. It is regrettable that people will die because of a war started on specious grounds but we owe the Iraq people more than simply abandoning them. Is there something to the idea that Bin Laden wants troops out almost as badly as the left does? Of course there is that sort of turmoil will allow the warlords and fanatical groups to fester and grow stronger, once again taking the country back from the majority of Iraqi’s.

3) I do not support Bush. I don’t know how clearly I need to explain all of this. I do not support his policies or the man himself. I do however; show him the courtesy of a democratically elected President of a free country. I see no need to insult the mans intelligence or his beliefs as it insults those who voted for him. Beyond that I find it to be petty and childish to discuss issues that do not concern his job as President. I think more people need to show this consideration as well. Now if you want to attack his policy decision by all means do so. I think the Iraq Invasion was poorly planned, ill conceived, and worst of all based upon a calculated pretext of lies. I can not speak for whether he himself was lied to in all of this, that I am uncertain of but either way he put those people in roles and selected them so ultimately the responsibility is his and his alone.

Now as for being antiCanadian that may well be true. I may be long sick of the sort of armchair academic approach that I had thrown back at me. This is the sort of passive aggressive and willfully moronic response that is sadly all too common. What happened to the level of discourse amongst people or does the internet simply bring out people in their most base form, angry snarling dogs.

Now that I am done with this I can return to mostly updating this blog for my family and friends back home who wish to know that I am still alive.


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