04 July 2006

They're going to revoke my heterosexual club card for this

So the girls and I went to see The Devil Wears Prada. I am fairly certain that any glimmer of heterosexuality I may have had previously was shattered in their minds after that. Bah then again Erin and Steph are more like sisters anyways and I am sure to them I seem about as sexually ambigious as Elmo to them anyways. I just wanted pretty and Gisele Bundchen was in it. Lets face it I could watch Gisele sit around and look post modern in a Lars von Trier movie for four hours and enjoy the numbing in my ass and temporal lobes. Look I wanted to look at pretty things for a few hours and eat popcorn without the slightest stimulation of my pesky higher function brain.

The movie itself was a lot of fun, the clothes were even better. It had all the visual and style appeal of a runway show. It also made me miss the pace of life on the east coast. The world just seems to revolve on shorter rotations out there. I was also reminded of how dreadfully lacking fashion is on the west coast. That boho chic crap needs to be tossed. The freshest look to come from the west was either plaid flanel or the trucker hat. So you see what I'm up against here. But I'm not ragging on cali, at this rate i will have the perfect body by christmas and god help me I will fit into designer clothes properly again.


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