17 July 2006

Strict Machine

Well the weekend was full and eventful, well not entirely. Saturday was a lazy day, did some cleaning and got caught up on the fourth season of My Family. Hopefully I’ll get through it at some point this week so I can finally watch Tristram Shandy. I also need to order more Dylan Moran and Eddie Izzard stand up. Mike and Jenn were unfamiliar with half my Eddie Izzard jokes and they’ll need to see the movies before they start thinking that’s original material.

It was disturbingly hot all weekend so Michael and I have been indulging in late night swims which I am quite a fan of. I have been swimming laps a lot lately with the hopes of toning up much more as it’s a total body work out. I have to say though the lap pool at Qualcomm is really nice.

Sunday we hit up the designer outlets in Carlsbad. What can I say I needed some new threads, so I picked up two new pairs of Prada sunglasses, a new CK military styled jacket and a few shirts and some jeans at Ralph Lauren. I have to say the Prada glasses really up the whole Eurotrash factor.

I have also been contemplating buying a car. I am basically looking for something flash and insane. I’m making good money, I live in a warm climate and I’m single in my 20’s/ So it will defamatory be a convertible but I think I’ll surprise a few people with the actual car I chose. It’s going to be a few months before I can afford it because there is no way in hell I am financing it, not in this market.


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