11 July 2006

Racism shows itself again or The Tête Offensive

Experiences really have a great way of shaping you. Yesterday for example was the last piece of proof I needed to know that California and America in general will never be my permanent home.

I was waiting for the train yesterday as I always do; talking to a few of the cyclists I ride the train with every day mostly discussing the World Cup. I’m not sure when I noticed them but at some point they were everywhere. Those being the US border Patrol, which seemed odd because we were forty miles from the nearest border. They began summarily searching everyone who looked Latino, rudely barking orders and demanding information. Oddly enough the first thing one thinks with faced with a situation like this is how strikingly similar this looks to something one can imagine the SS doing. A large group of white men in authority positions pushing around a clear ethnic group. The imagery is frightfully similar.

A few of them were rounded up and placed in the back of squad cars while a second team decided to set up some sort of sting at the buss station across the road. One of the officers standing next to me at this point looks at me and with a certain degree of disgust that can only be described or understood if you’ve ever seen someone speak with true hate in their soul, says to me ‘fucking immigrants’. This was the exact moment when I realized that America wasn’t for me. Now granted I didn’t say anything because my Visa status is a touch on the complex side and I am sure there is little chance this authority figure with his tenth grade education would have been capable of understanding the subtle nuances of the NAFTA agreement. However, the smart ass in me wanted to verbally undress this thug with everything in my soul.

Granted they never asked me for identification or information at all, and why? Because I’m white. I have no doubt that had I been any colour beyond my burnt over lily white I would have had a problem. This was of course compounded on the train ride when I heard others voice their opinions about the issue. For some reason being white seems to allow them to see me as a safe confessor for their racial arrogance. It really astounds me to see these descendants of immigrants forget their past so quickly and rush to heap scorn on the backbone of their economy. It just disgusts me.

In other racial news it seems that there is more information on what Materazzi said to Zidane. Apparently according to several forensic lip readers (this term is still quite funny to me) it seems Zidane was called ‘the son of a dirty terrorist whore’. You know now I think I feel safe in saying that if this is true Zidane is totally justified. I don’t know that I would have been able to restrain myself from just head butting him, knowing my temper I would have likely driven cleat to throat when he was down. There is more information in this article on what transpired. They also discuss Materazzis various other attacks on Zindane during the match such as a nipple pulling incident.


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