04 July 2006

July 4th

I can hear the fireworks going off now but I think I have something of a cold from the brutal sunburn i got myself today. I have been shivering and chattering since I got in, and have been covering myself in aloe ever since.

The beach was packed but luckily Mike and Jenn found one stretch of virtually abandoned beach. Mike and I spent most of the afternoon body boarding which was a bit diffiult because there weren't really any waves it was mostly chop. However, the best part of the day was when Mike and I were out past the break waiting for some of the bigger waves. All of a sudden I saw something moving really quickly under the water. It was about 6 or so feet long and looked a little like a human body. Out of nowhere it popped its' head up and low and behold it was a sea lion. We followed it around as best we could and watched it dive and play in the waves. It was one of the most interesting experiences i have ver had. Well worth risked the almost asured pain i will feel for a few days.



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