07 July 2006

A day in the life, when nobody laughed

The sunburn is healing much faster than I expected, even if it does look like someone visited a biblical plague upon my shoulders. The long weekend was a great one for licking wounds. Especially given England crashing out of the world cup. I do have thoughts on this but I'll get to them later.

In a great twist on of my best mates Steve is going to be coming down to San Diego for a visit in a couple of weeks. He is coming for the massive Comicon on Saturday and then Sunday possibly the zoo and the beach. It'll be nice to see one of the horsemen again. I will have to return the favour and visit Seattle sometime soon. I'm sure I will as the twins are both up there.

Now on to the world cup and England's performance. Wayne Rooney is a hot head always has been, always will be. I sadly picture him going the same route as George Best, burning hot and bright and above all else fast. The red card he received was most likely justified and I hate people who second guess the refs calls. Some will turn in your favour some will not. Now that said I have always admired the way Rooney plays, he runs hard and plays flat out. The man never dives regardless of whether or not he should. This in my eyes makes him a very honourable player even if he sometimes doesn't get the calls he deserves. If Rooney had dove and gone down during that play he would have most likely not have gotten the card and had a penalty awarded in his favour.

Now as for Portugal I think they were slightly confused as to what the world cup is and what sport is played as instead of bringing a mens football club, they brought the womens diving team. This is to say nothing of that rapist Cristiano Ronaldo. I mean I know he was named after the father of trickle down economics and that in and of itself is a sin, but he is such an insufferable prat its disgusting. I have never been a great fan of him, while he is a capable player with great skill on the pitch it is match and surpassed by his abilities as a thespian. Lets face it he hasn't been playing football lately so much as he has been giving 90 minute performances of 'Madam Butterfly'. Portugal got more than they deserved.

As for the final I think I would like to see France win it, if for no other reason than to cap Zidanes beautiful career. Also it would make me feel better about Ireland getting bumped off by the eventual winners. ZiZou is unquestionably one of the greatest players of his era. He has a talent and a class on the pitch that makes him a natural leader and his presence in the footballing world will be missed.


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