20 July 2006

Culture of Entitlement

The last few days have been fairly uneventful, just going through the motions more or less. I have also found out that my old company isn’t doing so well. A former coworker of mine told me this, and although it makes me grateful I left when I did I am also very sad to hear of it. Although my old boss and I fought constantly while we worked we got along very well outside the office and still do to this day. Also I was with that company 4 ½ years so I do feel a sense of loyalty to them that may be unwarranted. Still you never wish that someone loses their livelihood, it’s a terrible thing.

Moving along I was reading these statistics published by the San Diego Housing Commission. It’s interesting in that it lists the actual median cost for a home in San Diego at over $500,000, compared to real wages and household income being somewhere around $66,000 yearly. The report estimates that household income needed to afford a house at the median range in San Diego is $133,000 give or take. Now this is just staggering when you try to imagine how difficult it is to start a family or stay here.

The report also mentions a rather staggering thought that of all new homes being built the vast majority of them are higher end or luxury homes. How much longer can you mortgage your future to look flashy today? Hell people can barely afford the homes they’ve bought with the interest rates rising. Now granted I was never the best at saving money or being decent with it but being in San Diego has made me watch the purse string much closer. I want to pay off my remaining debt and then begin to look to saving for a home (not in San Diego of course). It’s amazing how quick one can get their finances together if you just stop spending money. We live in a culture so obsessed with having the designer things and the finer things in life without ever having to work for them. This is a problem that has slowly gotten worse over time to the point where 75% of my generation believe they will be millionaires before they’re 40.

The general sense of entitlement is almost staggering amongst people of my age and I am no exception. Granted I suppose I am lucky because for the most part my friends are all very hard working, down to earth, educated and successful. However, even they do not have the sky high expectations that most people in my age bracket share. I would be more than happy to have my own place that I paid for, I mean that’s the sum total.

In other news Steve is coming down from Seattle for the weekend. I really can’t wait to see him. I think I forgot how reliant I have always been on my close friends, Justin, Matthew, Chris, Steve, and Catherine. When one would not be around another would pick up the slack. So being out here on my own has been tough. Thank God for Mike and Jenn being here otherwise this would have been impossible. I am going to return the favour for Steve and go visit him and Chris in October up in Redmond.


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