13 June 2006

Yes well I hate José Mourinho too but ....

I have been noticing a trend so far this World Cup and it looks like I'm not alone. Of all the players playing out of their skin this World Cup so far they all seem to be from Chelsea. Don't get me wrong I hate Mourinho and Chelski as much as any other self respecting Spurs fan but I suppose credit is due here. Players like Drogba, Crespo, Robben and Essien are all playing with amazing skill. Much as I don't like the man and his style he seems to be doing something right. It sure beats Sir Alex in Manchester playing the role of a worried mother about all of his stars off to play in the World Cup.

There is actually a very good synopsis of this by John Nicholson on football 365. A few years back my friend Jarlath tipped me to his columns and I have been reading them religiously ever since. The man is clearly very northern and if you must know a bit of a Geordie but he has a wit about him that most people miss with football commentary, especially the English. He takes the mickey out of the English footballing obsession and to his credit makes some fairly valid points about football. Plus he has some hysterical column titles such as 'Thierry Henry Is Like My Ex Carly...' and the ever popular 'Stand Up...If You Don't Want Piles'

It's the little things I miss about the World Cup tradition. First and foremost having a large group of mates to discuss the matches with. Secondly is the total and outright lack of decent pub culture. Toronto has an English or Irish pub on every corner and you can at any time of night or day find yourself a place to watch whatever obscure team or country you follow play in the presence of like minded nutters. There is nothing so reassuring as huddling together with fellow fans at 10 am to raise a pint and toast your teams performance. I will most definately miss watching the games at Scallywags with the rest of the Toronto Spurs Supporters. I am also a little bit sad I just found out the spurs supporters will be having a match against the toronto scum arsenal supporters and I won't be there to twist a few scum ankles.

The other thing I will miss about Toronto during world cup is the impromptu block parties that are held. Because of the multicultural nature of Toronto you are gaurenteed to find a neighbourhood celebrating if their team wins. That was the best part of it, there was always a party. I was reading The Star online yesterday and saw the pictures of the Portugese celebrating their win on College street. Oh Toronto in the summer I really miss you, but you're all alone come winter time.


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