01 June 2006

World Cup 2006 Germany

Well it's that time again when my thoughts drift to the world cup. I was really disheartened when Ireland didn't qualify and I have yet to forgive the French for that (yea call up everyone and their mother to play against Ireland and barely win). So I have to throw my support behind England.

New Order - World In Motion

Sure the song is a bit tacky and dated but what can you do I still love that song. So I will be trading my 'come on you boys in green' cheers for the decidedly more gutteral 'Engurland' and 'Rule Britannia' chants. So I'm not as dillusional as your average limey so I don't expect them to actually win the world cup but placing would be good. Actually I like the Dutch, the clock work orange are due one of these days.


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