08 June 2006

Tonight I am off to see the last surviving Madchester band, The Charlatans. Well the band isn’t technically from Manchester but close enough. The Charlatans are early 90’s baggy in the same sort of way that The Happy Mondays and James were. The sound is sort of a deeply psychedelic throw back with a bit more funk. Sadly I have completely missed the Charlatans every other time they have toured, including tours with The Stereophonics and JJ72 as openers.

I have a deep love for the Manchester music scene I would easily compare it against any other cities. I mean a town that spawned Oasis, New Order, Joy Division, The Smiths, Morrissey, The Charlatans, The Happy Mondays, and the best of the bunch The Stone Roses. This is the town that invented the rave so there is a lot of history there.

I also have my full predictions for the world cup first round.

Group A
1. Germany
2. Poland

Group B
1. Sweden
2. England

Group C
1. Holand
2. Argentina

Group D
1. Portugal
2. Mexico

Group E
1. Czech Republic
2. USA
* a huge risk predicting that Italy will go out in the first round

Group F
1. Brazil
2. Japan

Group G
1. France
2. Swtzerland

Group H
1. Spain
2. Ukraine


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