07 June 2006

So I had my first taste of California politics, or I suppose it would be more accurate to call it California voter apathy. Granted I have yet to figure out the intricacies of the American governmental system, but I get the sinking feeling very few people would ever be able to explain this to me. Although I have the feeling that more than anywhere else the electorate here have more to be apathetic about than anyone else. If the 2000 election showed us anything it was that your vote doesn’t count, now sure that’s a little snide and this has basically been covered but in general no one candidate seems to be interested in engaging the electorate. The attack ads were so vile and off putting I couldn’t imagine wanting to vote for either candidate regardless of political affiliation.

I am still working out in my mind what it means to be a Democrat or Republican. Sure I have a general sense of what it means but there is such a great polarization I have seen since I arrived here. Is there such a thing as a moderate centrist Republican, well other than John McCain? What happened to the days of the Liberal Republican movement and leaders like FDR? Scanning a few of the news stations here and the odd talk radio station I hear I have found that Liberalism has been considered the scourge of the modern world by every right leaning personality I have heard. In the decade plus that Canada was Liberal our economy out performed and we prospered so I have no complaints.

I begin to wonder what it will take to force the groundswell that is desperately needed in America. The future is changing quickly and the road America is on is narrowing and there seems to be absolutely no concern for it. The American dollar is weakening, oil prices are increasing, the auto industry is suffering in the wake of better made imports and the country is running a record deficit. Now this is not Bush bashing, make no mistake about it I strongly dislike the man but this is more a series of questions regarding the general nature of America these days. Can the course be changed or is it just inevitable that all great empires must fall under their own weight. I am quite enjoying my time down here but make no mistake about it I’m not about to stick around on a sinking ship for the sake of nobility. The second the market starts to sour here I’ll be gone.

Granted all of my opinions could be based on the fact I am simultaneously reading John Ralston Saul’s ‘The Unconscious Civilization’ and Heath and Potters The Rebel Sell: How the Counterculture Became Consumer Culture. I like this time I am having not worrying about politics or even thinking about it but thinking about ideas and concepts of social societies. I think once I am done this I am going to take a crack at reread John Nashs’ Essays on game theory


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