05 June 2006

Oh My God I Can't Believe it I've Never Been This Far Away from Home!

I have started writing again, I suppose the travel and no solid sense of home has triggered a flood of artistic thought in me. It has been great, I have been putting my brand new macbook through its’ paces and so far it has come out alright. Granted I may still install windows on it yet.

There are a lot of differences I have noticed since moving here. They also become much more pronounced since with the World Cup looming. All of the marketing for the World Cup here has been aimed squarely at the Mexicans and South Americans living here. Granted I have seen a few adverts for the coverage on ESPN but by and large not a whole lot. That was the nice thing about the little ethnic enclaves that make up Toronto. Regardless of what teams remained in the World Cup back home you could always find no shortage of people willing to take to the streets and celebrate.

Here is my small list of grievances with Southern California so far;

1) No HP Sauce. I really miss HP Sauce, I have been searching high a low for it.
2) English Pubs. Southern California is bordering on completely devoid of English pubs. I like the relaxed atmosphere and the decent beer
3) Bad Driving. No one in Southern California knows how to drive, this is a fact that I have had verified by the Boston boys. Maybe it’s just the lack of snow that causes them to drive like idiot whenever someone sprays the road with their lawn sprinkler.
4) Illogical Chip Flavours. Seriously no dill pickle what the hell is that.
5) Spelling. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again speak the Queens English. Here is a fast run down of the correct spelling of the following words cheque, favour, neighbour, colour, humour, flavour, recognise, and patronise.
6) Decent Beer. If Sam Adams is all you people have it’s time to quit trying and except that American beer is as Monty Python put it ‘American beer is like making love in a canoe. It's fucking near water’

That said I really love the weather the beaches and the attitude out here. Granted I am sure at some point I am going to really miss proper culture and have to move somewhere that has it.


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