01 June 2006

The Office. I thought this may be a good opportunity to enlighten everyone as to what my work conditions are like here in Encinitas. I am trying to get the back story out of the way so we can dive straight in.

I suppose everyone’s office is meant to feel like a bit of a sitcom or it has always been that way for me in the past. This one is absolutely no different except the accents are different. The side of the office I sit on does not host one native Californian of the five of us. The office breakdown works like this;

Stuart, Owner/CEO – New Zealand
Bobby D, Sales Rep – Boston
Adam, Sales Rep – Boston
Jim, Sales Rep – New Hampshire
Steve, Sales Manager – Boston

There are advantages to working with a bunch of chowds, the main ones being that my accent seems slight by comparison. Granted I still hear about it every time I say ‘out, about or house’ which I suppose is to be expected. The team is actually a lot of fun to work with and we get along like a house on fire. It has also been really great to watch my Jays smoke the Sox so far this season. I think the best moment in all of this was when Bobby and I were in Vegas. We were walking next to each other down the corridors at the Mandalay Bay, him in his Sox hat carrying a Budweiser and me in my Jays hat carrying a Moosehead. To steal a phrase from the chowds ‘they’re a wicked smart bunch of guys.’

The other main perk of working here is just generally the level of respect I get treated with. In one of our first lunches Stuart called it ‘coming off the plantation’ and he wasn’t far from the truth. Here my opinions are listened to and taken into consideration which is a nice change. I also have my own office with a window, imagine that. My first major project will be to roll everyone in the company over to a work from home situation. We will be closing down the Encinitas office and moving into a smaller one in La Jolla. Most of the sales reps will work from home as well as the tech teams. This is a huge amount of work for me to do on my own but I’m up for the challenge. Granted the time line has been accelerated from October to the middle of July, so challenges abound.

So here are some office pictures.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

'the beatings will stop when morale improves'. You can see on the map how far I am from home, a 7 hour flight is a bit deceiving.


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