19 June 2006

Jumping the shark on Monday

It’s Monday and the weekend is over, but I can’t help the feeling that I’ve jumped the shark in all aspects of life. So as to not sound like a miserable bastard here is what the weekend was like for me.

Saturday was a scorcher so instead of trying to squeeze in that tennis match Michael and I have been talking about all week we decided to hit the beach instead. I’m still not tired of Torrey Pines or the whole beach experience. Granted I still have a damned farmer’s tan which is apparently worse than death out here. It doesn’t really matter how much the salt water stings I just love going out and swimming around in the surf. Michael and I are also on the hunt for used surf boards, I mean if we’re living out here we might as well learn to surf. I’m looking at long boards first because they are much forgiving to learn on. The rule of thumb is the more surface area on the board the easier it is to catch a wave. I’m looking at about an 8’ board which means I could surf a ripple in a pond.

Convocation in the US seems to be a much bigger deal then I ever remember it being for any of my friends. Now granted I’m a drop out and never quite made it to my graduation. I went to Erin’s graduation party yesterday. Erin is Mike and Jenn’s room mate and just generally a lot of fun. Erin and I quickly slipped into a sort of brother sister relationship where we rag on each other pretty hard and constantly. It’s funny because that kid can give the insults pretty well.

Anyways yesterday was the day for her convocation. Mike and Jenn (mostly Jenn) decorated the house while everyone was away at the ceremony. Once everyone arrived there were a good 18 people over. There were gifts galore and the usual sort of things. Then for dinner we went to this Italian place whose name I can’t remember, there was a Boca in there somewhere.

The restaurant itself was actually a lot like Old Ed’s in Toronto back in the day. We actually sat in what can only be called the papal room as we were surrounded on all sides by various pictures of various popes. This included a bust of a miscellaneous Pontiff (he looked sort of like a generic pontificate) in the center of the table under glass. This was actually really creepy. The meal though was very good and Erin’s family was a lot of fun. I was talking with her father about how they would never dream of holding it on Mothers day. Very nice man I can see where Erin gets her ambition from. Dr Healey is a gp with a few offices, and Erin will be office to medical school in a year.

I’m also in the process of restarting some semblance of a fitness regime. I have been doing a lot more swimming lately and now that I realized that through Mike I can have access to the Qualcomm lap pool I will be swimming laps much more frequently. Walking absolutely everywhere lately has also been a huge advantage in my general state of fitness.


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