30 June 2006

I Daniel Gallagher of sound mind and body .... for now

So the long weekend approaches and it's a bit of the best of both worlds situation for me. Our boss in his infinite kindness has decided that Monday is also off for us so I will be enjoying a lovely four day weekend. Apart from the move down here and the week I took off before moving here I haven't taken any time off since the cottage last August. Now things have been going well so I hadn't noticed but it is still much needed.

Interesting office humour for today was Bobby in his great patriotism decided to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July. This of course included the Marshal financial team which is located in London. Imagine wishing the Germans a happy D-Day. It really is funny and has got most of us laughing.

Speaking of the fourth we have some interesting plans. To be honest it won't be much different from a regular weekend for me as it will be spent largely at the beach. Saturday I am going to get up bright and early to watch the England vs. Portugal game. I find that the longer this tournament wears on the less I care about games that don't directly affect me. Granted at this stage I will watch just about anything because the level of play is so high. After the game is over I have a hair appointment which of course means the return of the faux hawk. No one has one down here so it isn't as played out as it is at home. Then later in the evening we are off to celebrate Canada Day with the large contingent of Canadians that live in So Cal.

The rest of the weekend should be some sort of mix of drinking and partying at the beach. I will have to hit up Pacific Beach at some point with the guys from the office. Both Adam and Jim live there and Bobby isn't too far off in Claremont so I will have to eventually go there and have some beers with the boys.

The rest of my time is pretty open as I don't have much to do. I will probably hang out with Erin and Tony a bit because they are just a load of fun. Erin is great and reminds a lot of my sister, you know except this Erin and I hang out together. Tony is, well, hmm, Tony is Tony and he's a lot of fun.

I forgot to post the pictures of my hike last weekend. Last Saturday I decided to go for a little bit of a hike around the valley across the street. So here are some of the pictures.

-Google maps and ms paint makes for some fun times

-The climb begins

-Halfway up and all of a sudden I can see the office parks

-My complex from the other side of the valley

-The complex from down the street

Now it's time for links of the week

Badger Badger Badger, England football editions. If any of you remember that annoying Badger, Badger, Badger, oh a snake website, well this is it modified for the English run at the World Cup.

Italian instructional video on how to dive for cards. Yes that dirty little secret that comes around every world cup, diving. Well the Italians have always made it into an art, there is nothing like someone sneezing in Toti's direction to cause him to go into a full half gainer and finish it with a swan dive. Yes the beautiful game indeed.

Google search results for 'Engurland'. Humoursly enough yours truly comes up in the rankings for this. See I knew my chronic mistypes would make me famous.