11 June 2006

I can't wait until the American team is elliminated in the first round so the announcers will stop talking about the team at every opportunity. I think that Americans should not be allowed to discuss football because they live up to the ugly idiot American stereotype everytime. They talk with a confidence and arrogance that is completely undeserved.

I have seen interviews with the team talking about how they can beat anyone. Now this is either amazingly stupid or or just dimwited. The American team as I explained to Bobby has a moronically high ranking. They have yet to so much play another team in the top 10 outside Mexico. Not a single friendly against a top 20 ranked team beyond Mexico, how can you say with any confidence that you are any good if you havent played any top flight teams. Secondly none of your players have any signifigant European experience, and the MLS is not nearly the same as the English Premiership, the German Bundesliga or the Spanish La Liga.

I say this because I care, I say this because better football in North America is good for everyone but the second these idiots open their mouths and spout off I start hoping that the American team gets spanked by every team they face and crash out winless. I want Americans to see that Landon Donovan is not a world class striker, and that Keller didn't make it in the premiership for a reason. Arrogance in football is something reserved almost exclusively for the losing team.

I am going to make a suggestion to all american players, watch some tape of the Brazilian team speak in interviews, they are humble and forthright. They never once claim to be the titans they so clearly are. This is Brazil the prohibitive favourite of every world cup, who has won it 5 times 3 times more than any other team. This is not some arrogant up start of a footballing nation that has never made it to a semi finals.

So in shrot America it was nice to have you in the world cup but next time bring the humility the sport demands and stop acting like a bunch of drunken college frat boys on a european vacation.


At 9:15 AM, Blogger Rachel Heather said...

hey now

not all Americans are undeserving of their arrogance

hello I am totally deserving!

At 11:18 AM, Blogger D said...

yes but you are the cute though strangely alluring disney end of the universe


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