31 May 2006

First entry in this blog and already I feel like I am off to a less than auspicious beginning. I suppose this is sort of the new millennia’s answer to the blank first page. I used to think of myself as something of a writer but I have found over time that definition becomes fairly fluid and can be used to describe all manner of failed literary enterprise. In this way I can remember the fear of the blank page. This is also of course tempered with the fact that this blog is for public consumption, which is something altogether new to me. I have written these sorts of things before but never with the intention of family reading it. So I will try not to be overly verbose and egocentric because at the end of the day I know at some point everyone knows me as a son, brother, nephew or cousin first and I’m from an Irish family so there will be no end to the teasing at Christmas if I get above myself here.

So the purpose of this mostly blog cum travelogue with an intent on updating my family on the goings on in my world now that I am an expat living a decent distance from home. This also saves me the relatively tedious process of e-mailing out pictures and updates which always leaves me forgetting someone’s e-mail address.

So I thought I would offer up some basic information regarding my new life here in Southern California. The main reason I moved out here was for a job with NWTech USA Inc. in Encinitas. I was hired on as a Systems Engineer which is a clever way of convincing techies to talk to me with the intention of doing technical sales. In other companies the role is called Sales Engineer or some such. Apart from that this is a small company so I wear many hats. So far I really love the job and the people I work with. We are a loose collection of east coasters and led by another expatriate this one being from New Zealand so we all get to talk about how much better things were back home. That’s the funny thing I find about people who leave there home countries even the less patriotic ones like me, we find ourselves comparing everything to home and ultimately it comes up short. Well I’m not sure that short is the right word but different, and we all miss the food.

As for living arrangements I am living in north San Diego in Sorrento Valley/Mira Mesa. I live in a fairly large townhouse complex flanked completely by Qualcomm buildings. Generally decent place, close enough to Mike and Jenn that I at least know a few people in the area.


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